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Rehearsing at my apartment with my group the Amazing Grace Gospel Choir, for our church, St. Louis Bertrand Catholic church in Oakland, California, with LEDISI, before her success in the music industry.  LEDISI, is an American R&B and Jazz recording artist, Songwriter, Music Producer, Author and Actress.  LEDISI, has released eleven studio albums and earned fourteen Grammy Award nominations to date, Best Traditional R&B Performance for " Anything For You" in 2021.

Robert B. Kent B.  Michael A. Nira P.  ??  JoAnn G. Ledisi P.

Star Search '91 group REFLEX

iJamie Brewer, Dena, Ed McMahon, and Me.  Not in picture Cliff, and Joe Gershen.


1994 MTV Grand Opening of PRINCE Night Club in Minneapolis.  PRINCE, flew her band, us from Oakland, California to perform LIVE with ROSIE at the Glam Slam night club.  A short trailer of the event.  

Two Hours of Live Performances with me and my group at Jewel Love's benefit event at the Lion's Restaurant and Lodge in San Leandro, California.  With guest and friends, with my late best friend, Lori P. Taylor. (R.I.P.)  Lori, and I were Rosie's Gaines background singer for about 8 to 9 years before she became a member of PRINCE' band The New Power Generation.  In addition, Lori, introduced me to another Bay Area outstanding vocalist Brenda Vaughn.  Lori, and I also sang background behind Brenda Vaughn, at Geoffrey's Inner Circle and throughout the Bay Area as well.  Also, in this video another Bay Area Artist, Kirby Coleman.

Video Set 2

            Singers:  Marcus Reed, Myrna Cooper, Chris Jeffery
  Musician:  Guitar-Bud Ulysses Trotter/Bass and Vocals - Michael            Anderson/Drums-Dave Whitman/Keyboards-Christian Houston
                          Soundman:  Terry Jackson
                        Photo and Video:  Hope Hodo


Video Set 1

Video Set 3 Finale

Budapest Jeff Matrix me and Friends

Budapest Hungary

Live Performance at SOULNIC at Griffth Park with DJ Abdul Shakir.

        Performance at the Dock of The Bay
            my friend Michael and wife. 

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DARNELL GILL is an acclaimed Music Artist. They began seeing professional success around 2000, with the release of their first critically acclaimed work. They have overcome countless obstacles on the way up, and continue to work hard each and every day to keep their musical journey moving forward.

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