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Brenda Vaughn,  with my Group

Lori P. Taylor, Eddie Lankford, Me, Rosie Gaines, and Maxine, before Envogue.

Born and raised in Oakland, California the seventh of twelve siblings.  I began singing as a kid, and performed at various major clubs and theaters in Oakland, and around the San Francisco Bay Area.  I've studied 5 years of classical piano, and performed in many Jazz and R&B singing groups, and bands throughout my career.  I also, went on to perform in stage plays such as Porgy and Bess, The Wizard of OZ, and SNOWY, a play written and produced by Grammy-nominated Gospel singer Daryl Coley.  In addition, I was the musical director of my church's gospel group, which was led by one of today's soulful and talented Grammy- nominated singer known as LEDISI, under my direction.

I performed and sang backup vocals for the Multi-talented ROSIE GAINES, former keyboardist, for the ARTIST known as PRINCE, for 8 years.  We performed at PRINCE'S Grand Opening night club called the Glam Slam, in Minneapolis.    


I also, appeared on the television show STAR SEARCH '91, with three wins, as a member of a group called "REFLEX".


Lastly, I produced my first CD entitled, "BRING IT ON", which includes 9 Dance/House and R&B songs written and performed by myself.  I have also, toured Eastern Europe, for two months in Budapest, Hungary promoting this CD.  And finally, my latest CD, "HOW LOW CAN YOU GO", which includes three songs: one R&B Hip-Hop, and two Dance/House versions all written produced and performed by myself.


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